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CNA Events Coming

Looking at our Upcoming events page, you will find out places where CNA will be having events.  If you cannot attend, send an Email to camscorner429@yahoo.com with your contact information.  A volunteer in attendance will call you so you can participate over the phone. (during indoor sessions only) Please mute your phone when not talking to decrease background noise.

A message regarding ministries in Florida:  By Cameron Bennett

As most areas in the USA and around the world have increased activity in Christian Naturist outreach, Florida has actually decreased activity.  As a result, ministries are closing, while others are in danger of closing, despite the increased participation in secular Naturist activity.  Keeping these ministries open is vital to turning the tide in advocating naturism in the face of textile Religion.

If your church is not concerned with outreach, consider this.  Textile Christians (and other faiths) outnumber, and can outspend Naturists, let alone Christian Naturists.  If your church requires physical attendance to retain membership or leadership status, the potential members being turned away are going to textile churches (not all are Christian.) which could require them to conceal their identity as Christian Naturists.  It also means the tithe money, which could go to expand ministries friendly to Christian Naturism, could actually be going toward fighting our right to worship in the nude.

Prayerfully consider attending church meetings (including leadership) and let your voice be heard.  If they try to turn you away, they have no credibility when they say that God told them to do something.  If the church refuses to let you participate in their meetings or services, contact host club management and report them.  Most activities at clubs and resorts are welcome to all adults (and in many cases, children.)  You have a right to review their bylaws at any time as required by law.  If leadership does not comply, they are in danger of losing tax-exempt status.

Only give to those willing to give to others.  If they do not support missions, they will not stay open for long.  If they do not help less fortunate members, they may not help you in your time of need.

If you live or work at a naturist park, resort, or community, why get dressed to go to church when you can have a church right there?  There has been no record of textile churches ever donating to help Christian Naturist missionaries, yet there are resources available from other Christian Naturists to help get new ministries started where you are.

If you decide to start a church, Contact CNA first.  Our membership has access to resources to help you get started.  If your host club permits, consider using phone or other media conferencing to reach out to potential members from remote areas. (These members  are eager to find a place to experience Christian Naturism.) Make sure your message offers encouragement to those who otherwise cannot attend physically.  Perhaps you can inspire them to start Christian Naturist churches of their own.

Being part of CNA, you can network with other Christian Naturist churches and groups.  Helping one another will strengthen you as well as them.

Start with one on one.  Do not wait for a large group to start a church.  informal Bible studies can spur into church congregations.


Cypress Cove Bible Fellowship needs a new leader.

After 3 1/2 years of leading Cypress Cove Bible Fellowship, Steve will be leaving to start a ministry with our American Veterans. Steve’s final service will be Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 2PM Eastern time in the Terrace Room.  At the close of the service, there will be a brief business meeting to discuss the direction, and possibly the temporary closure, of this church until new leadership can be found.

Having strong leadership with vision and direction is vital for a church to grow.  Anyone interested, preferably someone who lives near the resort in Kissimmee, Florida, please contact Cameron as soon as possible. camscorner429@yahoo.com

Here is the latest information regarding the Celebration of Life Service for Tom Pine:

Marilyn Pine wrote: Okay, plans are finally in place for the Celebration of Life service for Tom. For all our Florida friends and family, please note that the service will take place at Grace Emmanuel Church, 707 Kitterman Road, Port St. Lucie, FL. 34952, on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. There will be a dinner after the service. If you have any questions, you can call the church office at 772-489-9696. Come and share your fondest memories of Tom as we remember him and celebrate his life together and rejoice in the knowledge that he is home with the Lord!


Please be in prayer for the family of Tom Pine. He passed away April 6.  Tom was an advocate to Christian Naturism.  The funeral was Friday, April 19 in New Jersey. Tom was an advocate to Christian Naturism.
Tom was a friend to Christian Naturism. He wrote books, participated in Christian Naturist organizations, churches, and events. He helped start the Christian Nudist Convocation. (It was his idea to call it the Christian Naturist Convocation.) He was writer, for among other things, of The Naked Truth.


He represented Christian Naturism with the Naturist Society.
Tom helped in building Christian Naturists of America. He served on the CNA Council, representing Florida. Tom was a strong advocate for Christian Naturism, and even shared the idea of networking Christian Naturist Churches, groups, and individuals together. Within the past year, Tom saw this same vision being shared as the CNA network is reaching around the globe.

Tom will be sorely missed.


The Easter services at Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club (NZ), and The Naturist Foundation (UK), went well.  See details on Event Reports.


Last November, CNA celebrated its 3rd anniversary. We conduct meetings of the CNA Council. This consists of representatives of Christian Naturist groups, churches, and organizations. Individuals, wishing to represent states or regions having none of these, are welcome. CNA also plans to partner with members of organizations not in the network. Resources for CNA are encouraged to participate. The meetings take place by either phone or video conference. If you wish to participate, please let us know.

Phillippa Ried, of New Zealand Christian Naturists, writes:

Have you ever wanted to attend a clothing optional worship service? If you answered yes, your chance is coming.
We’re happy and proud to announce we will be celebrating our beliefs and combined diversity with a non denominational service to be held at Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in a beautiful bush setting, all welcome! 🙏
Easter Sunday, 21st April 10.00am.

There are more events planned for this year. Click on Upcoming Events to view.

Check out our article of how to get involved with Christian Naturism.

We encourage you to check out our open Facebook page as we are continuing to post new items more frequently. When you “like” our page, Please send us an Email so we can add you among our membership.  CNA also has affiliation with AANR and TNS.


Founded in late 2015 by Christian Naturist Ministry “veterans“, CNA seeks to equip, encourage and support Christian missionaries who are doing ministry in Naturist communities across the Americans. Our calling is the Great Commission and our message is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our leadership-team is headed by Cameron Bennett, who has been involved in Christian Naturist Ministry for several years, and has been a member of the Board of CNC.

Isaiah Freeman, our Vice President, is also a veteran of Christian Naturist Ministry. He helps us keep our focus and brings a level-head to our deliberations.

Steve McFarland takes care of much of the “back-office” including designing and maintaining both this site and our Facebook group-page. He is also the Minister at Cypress Cove.

Additional Board members are:
Lynette Bennett (Director of Christian Kids)
Hannah Freeman

Contact info:
Cameron Bennett – camscorner429@yahoo.com
Steve McFarland – pipermac5@gmail.com

Jesus said, “On this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)


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