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Little Church in the Wildwood of Cherokee Lodge Nudist Resort, Cossville, TN 1992-2008.

2023 CNA Events:

Middle Tennessee Event at Rock Haven Lodge June 23-25

West Virginia Event at Avalon July 14-16

CNA Virtual Event July 28-30

  As we have our CNA Virtual Event July 29-31, those in attendance will see changes.  This is our first event that is all virtual (instead of primarily being at one place, attendees will see many places around the globe active in the Christian Naturist Ministry.) We will be using Zoom as our platform.

In conjunction with Mark’s presentation on the History of Contemporary Christian Music, he is sharing a link for you to check out the sounds that you may have been missing.  https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.accuradio.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0NagxeOZyd_Vqrm5HslHCC2s2Rzgy9OfsJN2oC01HiKhFItiHD3IM0Yfs&h=AT3ZjEXh7tPz4_5PlVKdW0iMtyCHeEgWrBHcX9nmb75BRe71rZbb-W3ic5B4rzrnbO0GXs5TDXneFd_HRvS8h78s6axqAmYY1yITdWz_RgYWRM2frRIMoCu9iDK2ROFXUhegVuzYtjZ_ZmmyalKOxA

The schedule will involve:
Friday July 29th
5:30 p.m. meet and greet.
6:00 p.m. praise and worship / Brief Introduction to CNA
6:30 History of Contemporary Christian Music.
7:30 History and Structure of CNA
Saturday July 30th
9:00 a.m. praise and worship.
10:00 a.m. to noon sessions.  We will start with Shirley of the free beach movement in Florida.
1:00 p.m. Testimony Time.
3:00 p.m. Outreach.
4:00 p.m. General Membership Meeting.
Sunday July 31st
10:30 a.m. Christian Naturist Fellowship Bible study

Starting Friday at 6PM Central Time, we could see sessions from around the world around the clock until Sunday.  Mark Winn will help kick off the event with his presentation of the History of Contemporary Christian Music at about 6:30.  Highlights will include Introduction to CNA Friday Evening, Testimony time and the General Membership meeting Saturday afternoon, Christian Naturist Fellowship Bible Study, led by Peter and Siobhan Sunday 10:30 AM, and Come As You Are worship Service from DeAnza Springs at 2PM.

To Register, Please Email us at camscorner429@yahoo.com.  Please consider making a donation to keep events like this happening more frequently.

Recent Posts

  CNA is having a name change to CNA. As our ministry network is becoming more global, The CNA Board agreed on a name change to Christian Naturist Association.  As members receive their AANR or TNS membership cards, this will reflect the name change.  Carol Gamel and other leaders had already been referring to CNA by its new name for several years now, and it is their inspiration that helped us decide on the name change.

Please check Recent Posts regarding recent information regarding CNA.  In the wake of current global events with the Coronavirus epidemic, CNA will be embracing Technology in new ways to keep members and friends connected.


CNA Remembers the Life of Carol Gamel.

       Some of this article is from an interview Cameron had with Carol a few years ago.
   CNA remembers Carol Gamel. She was born December 13th 1941. She was of the 4th generation of going into the ministry and a third generation writer of sermons.
   There was an independent Church movement going on in the 1940’s Although women were mostly viewed that they should not preach, Carol’s mother and grandmother did. During World War II her grandmother preached at up to 5 churches at a time while the men were off to fight. Carol’s mother assisted at preaching at some to relieve the burden of such a schedule.  As the men returned, many preferred to be loyal to these services. Carol’s father was also a pastor of a church, and her uncles were also ministers.
   She was very active in the church . As a little child, Carol once argued with her Sunday School teacher over the lesson of Daniel in the lions’ den. Carol’s teacher was caught when trying to relate it to one of Aesop’s fables.  That day a church leader instructed Carol to continue teaching the class as she was better prepared to do so. The job became permanent. As a child, Carol had to deal with the generosity of her Dad, even when it meant giving up her belongings so her Dad could share with someone less fortunate.
  In college, Carol majored in psychology. Carol attended seminary with the intentions on marrying a pastor. 
   After she was ordained as a missionary, she became involved in mission work in Jamaica, including work at a children’s home. Afterward, she went back to Bible college.  Although women at that time were not ordained as ministers, Carol became licensed to perform weddings and funerals.
   Carol moved to Florida with her Dad to learn about Civil Air Patrol.  Carol learned short wave radio and Morse code from Ron while there.  Ron became interested in dating Carol as he was going through a divorce. She would not date him unless it was for scriptural grounds (like Cornelious).  Carol, her Dad, and Ron learned to fly patrol.  During this time, Ron was involved in a motorcycle accident Carol cared for him until his mother arrived to care for him.  Ron’s mother encouraged the marriage between Carol and Ron.
   Carol’s brother went to prison for a crime he did not commit.  While in prison, he did ministry and librarian work.  Upon his release, he became involved in the prison ministry, but he was not allowed to leave Oklahoma,.  Ron Bought a ham radio shop in Tulsa.  Their Florida home was sold the day the move was announced, which enabled them to move to Oklahoma.  Ron and Carol have lived in Oklahoma since their move in 1971.  Her brother is still involved in the prison ministry today.
   Carol worked at Vio-Tech and Ron was hired to be an instructor upon her recommendation. Due to a nepotism clause, she quit her job there.
   While in Tulsa, Carol held a variety of positions in the church she was involved in. She became a church secretary and was on the ministerial search committee.  She did ministerial work the minister refused to do, (including visitation of sick and elderly members). Being strong in her faith, she gained popularity in the church which caused the minister to be jealous- to the point in seeking to remove her. He announced her retirement when Ron retired from his position in the church, which took Carol by surprise.
   The Chapel came by accident.
   In 1999, Carol and Ron, while looking at their son’s computer from college she was concerned about seeing a website for a Naturist Park (Oaklake Trails Naturist Park) while he was in St. Louis at a Christian event. Even though this was placed on the computer as a prank from a friend of her son, She and her husband Ron decided to investigate to make sure this park was not leading their son into trouble . This is where they learned to embrace naturism. Upon their first visit, the warm welcome encouraged their return. 
  In 2000, When Carol was forced into retirement from the church in Tulsa, they visited Oaklake again.  They were visited by Gary Spacklen, OLT President. “Too bad you cannot be out here every Sunday. We could use a chaplain out here.” Gary said. Ron offered Carol to become Oaklake’s first chaplain.  The sale of their home in Tulsa offered them to build their new home and stock in OLT, ( as it was like a co-op).
   The first church services were in the clubhouse.  The first donation into the building fund was$100.  Six years later, land was offered for the construction of the Chapel.  Fundraisers were set up. (Mostly from selling food), to help finance the construction.  A contractor was seen building a 2 car garage. Ron and Carol decided the structure fit their needs.  Carol explained that it needs to be able to be added on (expansion) as necessary.  The contractor bid $12,000 to build it, ( exactly the amount raised at that time).
   Each day of construction, Carol had prayer.   There were no accidents nor injuries on site.  Things fell into place.  Pews, Pulpit, and tables were donated.  Some volunteered in the work, saying they would never attend services, ultimately did. By 2012, The Chapel building was completed.  In addition to services, it hosted its first Christian Naturist event with the Christian Nudist Convocation in July of that year.  It has hosted events about every year with CNC (and CNA by 2016). 
   Together, they helped start The Chapel at Oak Lake Trails Naturist Park. As the congregation grew, so did the amenities of the park, its membership and customer base .  The Chapel has been versatile enough to be used by park leaders as necessary for meetings and other purposes.  The AANR has also held meetings there as well.
  The Chapel stood the test of troubles.
  When Carol was unable to preach, another minister has always been available to substitute in her absence.  As she was going through surgery and recovery, someone has been available to help out until she was able to preach again.  During the pandemic of Covid19, when other churches, including Garden of Eden, closed temporarily, the Chapel was able to stay open with virtual services with the ability to allow visitors opportunity to attend every week.  Last year, when Bluebonnet was closed and could not host events, the Chapel was host for the North Texas Christian Naturists, during Christian Naturist week at Oaklake Trails.  Even now, in her absence, others have stepped up to carry on the work that Carol had to leave behind.
  They were instrumental and promoting Christian Naturism in their area. The service they gave to the community earned them respect among the local Chamber of Commerce.  They hosted Christian Naturist events for the Christian Nudist Convocation and CNA, drawing visitors in from as far away as Australia .They were also members of the CNA Council. The chapel they had founded was a top contributor for CNA for most of the six-year partnership.  They have been able to meet virtually with other Christian Naturist leaders from as far away as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 
   Carol an old-fashioned approach to preaching as chaplain, she was receptive to new ideas involving virtual conferencing and virtual visitors and offering communion each week.  Carol had said, “When the Lord says ‘GO!’ you had better jump!”  This was seen frequently as old homes would be sold shortly after being led to new areas.  She also said, “When the Lord is ready for you to do something, be ready to do it.”  Due to health problems, she was not able to enjoy naturism in the church as much as her friends were able to . She had to stay covered up for protection as it became painful for her skin to feel the slightest breeze across it.  Her last Sunday of preaching was January 16.
   Carol attended the Chapel, for the final time, on February 6.  Jimmie, who preached the last service she attended, urged her that we were not ready for her to leave yet, and that the congregation needs her and appreciates her.  She passed away on February 19, 2022 at the age of 80.
  The Celebration of Life Service at the Chapel was well-attended with every seat occupied and some were standing.  Part of the service included a recording of Carol singing, ‘Unchained Melody.’
  The Gamel family has requested, instead of giving flowers, to make a donation in her memory to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.
Carol will be missed.


Her husband, Ron, has been very supportive of her at church, as well as at home and wherever they go. Please pray for Ron to have the strength to continue the ministry they helped start.


CNA Remembers the life of Marianna Handler.

   Marianna Handler passed away Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at her home in Sewanee, TN.  She was 90 years old (Born September 4, 1931). She was best known as the Beachmom of San Onofre Beach, California.(Knowing the value of the use of public lands, she was quick to remind others of the rules in order to keep the opportunity for future naturist use in tact.  Many looked at her of being a mother of the beachgoers, or Beachmom for short.) She was an advocate for family-friendly naturism and believed we should be on our best behavior when in public in order to maintain credibility. Her efforts helped pave the way for greater opportunities for places for naturism to flourish.


   When asked about her faith, she said she was Jewish, but she shared of her involvement in Christianity. She felt that there was nothing wrong with ones faith in a naturist setting.  

  Marianna believed in the importance of welcoming children into the naturist environment. She raised her daughter, Maureen, in the naturist lifestyle. This inspired Maureen to choose a career that included opportunities for family-friendly naturism.  When they moved to Tennessee, she and Maureen worked together to provide a secluded environment on their mountain home near Sewanee for hosting gatherings for naturists of all ages.  When Timberline Lodge of Crossville, TN decided to no longer allow children, Marianna spoke against it. 
  Marianna was also a fond lover of pets.  She kept them close to her in the house and treated them like family.
  Marianna will be missed.
Maureen’s contact information is available upon request.

Rev. David L. Hatton RN  Welcome to CNA.

We welcome Rev. David L. Hatton RN as he shares much information for our members.  David is no stranger to CNA nor to Christian Naturism.  Not only did he attend one of our first CNA events, he has been a pastor, author, blogger, and a valuable resource for anyone wanting to get involved in the ministry.  His research has  uncovered facts that have the potential of overcoming adversary and gaining ground for Christian Naturism.  In addition to information regarding his works that may be found in the Resources section, David is releasing a new book.MUSE: Naked Truth Poses Again

The Amazon link for getting the MUSE novel:

Kindle version, $ 7.99

Paperback, $13.75

The novel MUSE is out and on sale until 2/3/2022 at the lowest price allowed; use Amazon’s “Look Inside” to read well into the 3rd Chapter before buying.

Happy 6th Anniversary CNA.

We appreciate the efforts of our members and leaders that has strengthened our network over the years.

The 2020 Oklahoma CNA Event

Check Event Reports to read about our only landed CNA event this year so far.

CNA remembers Rich Pasco

Earlier this Spring our friend, Rich Pasco passed away.  Like others that have gone before, Rich was a friend to Christian Naturism.

Lupin Lodge members conducted a tree planting ceremony June 27.  He will be missed.


CNA Events Coming

Looking at our Upcoming events page, you will find out places where CNA will be having events.  If you cannot attend, send an Email to camscorner429@yahoo.com with your contact information.  A volunteer in attendance will call you so you can participate over the phone. (during indoor sessions only) Please mute your phone when not talking to decrease background noise.  All events are subject to host club rules.  Contact the host club prior to making travel plans, as rules may have changed.

A message regarding ministries in Florida:  By Cameron Bennett

As most areas in the USA and around the world have increased activity in Christian Naturist outreach, Florida has actually decreased activity.  As a result, ministries are closing, while others are in danger of closing, despite the increased participation in secular Naturist activity.  Keeping these ministries open is vital to turning the tide in advocating naturism in the face of textile Religion.

If your church is not concerned with outreach, consider this.  Textile Christians (and other faiths) outnumber, and can outspend Naturists, let alone Christian Naturists.  If your church requires physical attendance to retain membership or leadership status, the potential members being turned away are going to textile churches (not all are Christian.) which could require them to conceal their identity as Christian Naturists.  It also means the tithe money, which could go to expand ministries friendly to Christian Naturism, could actually be going toward fighting our right to worship in the nude.

Prayerfully consider attending church meetings (including leadership) and let your voice be heard.  If they try to turn you away, they have no credibility when they say that God told them to do something.  If the church refuses to let you participate in their meetings or services, contact host club management and report them.  Most activities at clubs and resorts are welcome to all adults (and in many cases, children.)  You have a right to review their bylaws at any time as required by law.  If leadership does not comply, they are in danger of losing tax-exempt status.

Only give to those willing to give to others.  If they do not support missions, they will not stay open for long.  If they do not help less fortunate members, they may not help you in your time of need.

If you live or work at a naturist park, resort, or community, why get dressed to go to church when you can have a church right there?  There has been no record of textile churches ever donating to help Christian Naturist missionaries, yet there are resources available from other Christian Naturists to help get new ministries started where you are.

If you decide to start a church, Contact CNA first.  Our membership has access to resources to help you get started.  If your host club permits, consider using phone or other media conferencing to reach out to potential members from remote areas. (These members  are eager to find a place to experience Christian Naturism.) Make sure your message offers encouragement to those who otherwise cannot attend physically.  Perhaps you can inspire them to start Christian Naturist churches of their own.

Being part of CNA, you can network with other Christian Naturist churches and groups.  Helping one another will strengthen you as well as them.

Start with one on one.  Do not wait for a large group to start a church.  informal Bible studies can spur into church congregations.

Cypress Cove Bible Fellowship needs a new leader.

After 3 1/2 years of leading Cypress Cove Bible Fellowship, Steve will be leaving to start a ministry with our American Veterans. Steve’s final service will be Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 2PM Eastern time in the Terrace Room.  At the close of the service, there will be a brief business meeting to discuss the direction, and possibly the temporary closure, of this church until new leadership can be found.

Having strong leadership with vision and direction is vital for a church to grow.  Anyone interested, preferably someone who lives near the resort in Kissimmee, Florida, please contact Cameron as soon as possible. camscorner429@yahoo.com

Here is the latest information regarding the Celebration of Life Service for Tom Pine:

Marilyn Pine wrote: Okay, plans are finally in place for the Celebration of Life service for Tom. For all our Florida friends and family, please note that the service will take place at Grace Emmanuel Church, 707 Kitterman Road, Port St. Lucie, FL. 34952, on Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. There will be a dinner after the service. If you have any questions, you can call the church office at 772-489-9696. Come and share your fondest memories of Tom as we remember him and celebrate his life together and rejoice in the knowledge that he is home with the Lord!

Please be in prayer for the family of Tom Pine. He passed away April 6.  Tom was an advocate to Christian Naturism.  The funeral was Friday, April 19 in New Jersey. Tom was an advocate to Christian Naturism.
Tom was a friend to Christian Naturism. He wrote books, participated in Christian Naturist organizations, churches, and events. He helped start the Christian Nudist Convocation. (It was his idea to call it the Christian Naturist Convocation.) He was writer, for among other things, of The Naked Truth.


He represented Christian Naturism with the Naturist Society.
Tom helped in building Christian Naturists of America. He served on the CNA Council, representing Florida. Tom was a strong advocate for Christian Naturism, and even shared the idea of networking Christian Naturist Churches, groups, and individuals together. Within the past year, Tom saw this same vision being shared as the CNA network is reaching around the globe.

Tom will be sorely missed.

The Easter services at Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club (NZ), and The Naturist Foundation (UK), went well.  See details on Event Reports.

Last November, CNA celebrated its 3rd anniversary. We conduct meetings of the CNA Council. This consists of representatives of Christian Naturist groups, churches, and organizations. Individuals, wishing to represent states or regions having none of these, are welcome. CNA also plans to partner with members of organizations not in the network. Resources for CNA are encouraged to participate. The meetings take place by either phone or video conference. If you wish to participate, please let us know.

Phillippa Ried, of New Zealand Christian Naturists, writes:

Have you ever wanted to attend a clothing optional worship service? If you answered yes, your chance is coming.
We’re happy and proud to announce we will be celebrating our beliefs and combined diversity with a non denominational service to be held at Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in a beautiful bush setting, all welcome! 🙏
Easter Sunday, 21st April 10.00am.

There are more events planned for this year. Click on Upcoming Events to view.

Check out our article of how to get involved with Christian Naturism.

We encourage you to check out our open Facebook page as we are continuing to post new items more frequently. When you “like” our page, Please send us an Email so we can add you among our membership.  CNA also has affiliation with AANR and TNS.


Founded in late 2015 by Christian Naturist Ministry “veterans“, CNA seeks to equip, encourage and support Christian missionaries who are doing ministry in Naturist communities across the Americans. Our calling is the Great Commission and our message is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our leadership-team is headed by Cameron Bennett, who has been involved in Christian Naturist Ministry for several years, and has been a member of the Board of CNC.

Isaiah Freeman, our Vice President, is also a veteran of Christian Naturist Ministry. He helps us keep our focus and brings a level-head to our deliberations.

Steve McFarland takes care of much of the “back-office” including designing and maintaining both this site and our Facebook group-page. He is also the Minister at Cypress Cove.

Additional Board members are:
Lynette Bennett (Director of Christian Kids)
Hannah Freeman

Contact info:
Cameron Bennett – camscorner429@yahoo.com
Steve McFarland – pipermac5@gmail.com

Jesus said, “On this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)


Webmaster’s note: Even though I operate and maintain this site, it is not my personal blog. Everything posted here relates directly to CNA and its activities and events.

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